Stocks, Ruins and Rewards


The following essay revolves around the concept of random walk. A phenomenon found in heterogeneous fields such as chemistry, physics, market fluctuation, computer science, and image processing. The text develops into the relations between this underlying phenomenon of microscopic chaos with finance terms and art in the digital age. The random walk predictive models became a leitmotif to talk about issues regarding the art world exhibition and legitimation mechanisms in an era of visual mass production creative capitalism. Read more

Prototype for unitary applied art

The following project is an in-situ painting installation that follows the same investigative line as the previous Stocks Ruins and Rewards lecture. It started from a what-if question about producing work according to a specific platform’s tacit requirements, thinking on the possibilities that specific works could be exhibited in certain exhibition spaces and therefore exceed the chances of being hosted in a crowded, highly competitive cultural industry. Read more