The following project consists of research on a planet whose characteristics place it between science and fable: The extrasolar planet 55 Cancri orbits around a star similar to the Sun and is located forty light-years from Earth, in the constellation Cancer. Due to its high carbon composition, it is speculated that it is made entirely of diamond. With a place like an extrasolar planet our relationship can only be abstract, this project raises questions about how a phenomenon is perceived from the universe of signs that previously exist, I intend to reconstruct my relationship with the planet through all the imaginary and intermediate mediations, showing fragments of “reality” from the juxtaposition of science and fiction. See more


This site-specific painting installation revolves around the concept of “random walk”. This phenomenon is found in heterogeneous fields such as chemistry, physics, market fluctuation, computer science, and image processing. Using vector algorithms, the data quantification from a certain exhibition space is translated into ml of paint that undergo a chemical process of separation of substances, causing its fragmentation into a meticulous network of lines and points. See more


Using photography as medium observable mechanisms of collective imaginaries are evoked in particular contexts. I am interested in having encountered a simulation of Antarctica in one of the well-known Orlando theme parks; it is a frozen desert built upon a swamp in Florida. See more


Kakushi Buki starting point is an interview and video recording training of a ninjutsu martial artist who makes rectifications of the ninjas’ fictitious representation. The interview is interspersed with videos and images found online that illustrate how the historical becomes mythological. It intercalates facts and fiction and makes equivalences between the legendary abilities and the Ninja’s war functions of infiltration and the new techniques of transmission and collection of information such as broadcasting and global online reach. See more


Satellite mapping is a representational tool, a device to understand and rationalize the world. The Google Earth 3D glitch reveals the artificiality of the instruments that intervene in the ways of penetrating reality by presenting a decomposition of the space that is concealed by official cartographies and authorized representations. See more


Using drawing as a medium, I am interested in reproducing an image whose result presents a certain degree of ambiguity about how it was made. Through this approach, I intend to simulate the aesthetics of the erratic digital image produced by mechanical artifacts, thereby questioning its credibility, manipulation, and strategies underlying its circulation. See more