About the artist

Mónica López (Guayaquil, Ecuador) studied Visual Arts at the Technological Institute of Arts of Ecuador (ITAE) and got her Bachelor’s degree at the University of the Arts with a major on Pictorial Poetics and Digital Media.

Using art media and appropriation, her work aims to transform representational meanings and searches for experimentation within the disembodiment and corporeal specificities in the post internet era. She also reflects on the incidence of a global visual culture and dynamics of symbolic colonization regarding the role of industries in the production of plausibility, the proximity and expansion between science, propaganda, image and language.

In 2019 she opened her first solo show “55 Cancri e” at DPM gallery and has participated in group exhibitions in Cuenca and Guayaquil. She has been awarded with the 1st prize at the 55th Salon de Julio (2014) and the 3rd International Huaylá award (2019).

She currently lives and works in Guayaquil, Ecuador.


Solo Exhibitions

2019  ” 55 Cancri e” Guayaquil, Ecuador.


2014  Salón de Julio, Primer lugar,  Guayaquil, Ecuador

2019  Premio Internacional Huaylá,Tercer lugar, Machala, Ecuador

Collective Exhibitions

2014  “Propensiones”. Museo de los Metales, Cuenca, Ecuador.

2014  “La noche del cazador”.Casa Cino Fabianni, Guayaquil,Ecuador.

2014 “Pareidolia”. DPM Gallery, Guayaquil,Ecuador

2015 “La distancia que va desde el horizonte al abismo”. Nominimo, Guayaquil,Ecuador

2016 “Tránsito 82/16” DPM Gallery Guayaquil,Ecuador.

2019 “Vague à l’âme”. Espacio cultural Violenta. Guayaquil, Ecuador.

2019   “La Primera”  Galería Nómada Guayaquil, Ecuador.